Our Services


Aim Overseas Services provides excellent visa documentation, when a candidate applies for a student visa he/she requires certain documents which has to be presented at the consulate, AOS helps the students to prepare all the required documents at the consulate, AOS helps in providing certain documents which are as follows:CA REPORT & APPLICATION FORMS


Aim Overseas try to help you out with the situation that one has to face at the time making move to abroad. Your sentimental matter to us and thus on your behalf we try to compensate all your research, plan and preparation at our post landing services. Our services also include airport pickup, arranging a temporary accommodation and even opening bank accounts in case of some specific countries


Though being in the third position of our services Eligibility-Assessment is the first step followed by us. That ensures making you familiar with all the basic requirement you must meet or possess, in the manner to apply your student visa to different countries depending on your preference.


We all are aware of Visa interview and understand its weight for seeking the visa for a foreign land. Thus, at Aim Overseas Services study visa consult we help to boost your manner of communication such that you could overcome your lackness and easily ace your visa interview. Our experts’ training and the engrossing mock interview sessions help you build confidence and learn to say what matters